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Namaste, Fellow Explorers!

In this new venture, I am open to exploring any and all aspects and expressions of consciousness, its vastly multi-dimensional nature, and its wondrous mysteries within mysteries!

In so doing, I may touch on many topics, from angels and spirit guides to ancient astronauts and orbs, from channeling and divination to crop circles and crystals, from past and future lives to parallel and counterpart selves, from energy medicine and holotropic breathwork to near-death experiences and the Interlife, and from beliefs and the Law of Attraction to karma and shamanism.

In commenting on various ideas, I will use both my private experiences and those of others recorded in various media.  In time, as I learn more about the blog’s internal features, I hope to use images and videos to help illustrate what I am writing about; and I welcome any input about where to find such resources.

I should also mention that The Seth Material, as channeled by Jane Roberts for 19 years, has served as my psychic mentor for over 30 years.  While I have read widely and deeply many other channeled works, such as those by Neale Donald Walsch, Edgar Cayce and Abraham Hicks, to name only a few, nothing else has the depth, breadth, and utter brilliance of that venerable “energy personality essence” named Seth!

Despite what I have articulated above regarding the general import of this blog, I say open to its evolution, into its morphing into a shape I have not anticipated.  For, as I write, I am mindful that I do not write alone–that Spirit, through me, pens one of Its own artful blogs!

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Let the Darkness Reveal Itself as Light,


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